Rick and Morty


Rick is a mentally-unbalanced but scientifically gifted old man who has recently reconnected with his family. He spends most of his time involving his young grandson Morty in dangerous, outlandish adventures throughout space and alternate universes. Compounded with Morty's already unstable family life, these events cause Morty much distress at home and school.

Series Cast

Justin Roiland
Rick Sanchez / Morty Smith (voice) Mr. Poopybutthole (voice) Mr. Meeseeks (voice) Blips & Chitz Annoncer (voice) Fake Door Salesman / Two Brothers Movie Announcer / Tophat Jones / Ants in my Eyes Johnson / Glenn / Gazorpazorpfield / Baby Legs (voice) Dream Aliens (voice) Albert Einstein (voice) Cromulons (voice) Greebybobe / Green Alien / Blob Alien (voice) Lumberjack (voice) Evil Rick / Evil Morty / Doofus Rick / Council of Ricks / Additional Voices (voice) 74 Episodes
Spencer Grammer
Summer Smith (voice) Glenn's Wife (voice) Dream Summer (voice) 63 Episodes
Chris Parnell
Jerry Smith (voice) 61 Episodes
Sarah Chalke
Beth Smith (voice) 61 Episodes
Kari Wahlgren
Jessica (voice) Additional Voices (voice) Jessica / Newscaster (voice) Rick's Computer (voice) Jessica / Cynthia / Hot Woman (voice) Sharon Lewis (voice) Assimilated Alien 4 (voice) Rick's Computer / Alien News Anchorwoman (voice) Diane Sanchez (voice) Plutonian Chat Show Host 1 / Talking Doll (voice) Diane Sanchez / Additional Voices (voice) Gaia (voice) Jessica / Girl (voice) Gazorpian Judge (voice) Roy's Wife (voice) Samantha / Hostage Woman (voice) 29 Episodes
Dan Harmon
Additional Voices (voice) Mr. Nimbus (voice) Birdperson / Phoenixperson (voice) Council Of Glorzos Member (voice) Joseph Campbell (voice) Student (voice) Triceratops (voice) Phoenixperson / McDoncalds Employee (voice) Davin / Red Alien / Gromflomite Guard (voice) Acid Man (voice) Alejandro (voice) Flu Hatin' Rapper (voice) Birdperson (voice) Birdperson / Tickets Please Guy (voice) Mr. Marklevitz / Kevin (voice) Heistotron / Randotron (voice) Phoenixperson (voice) Reggie (voice) FDR (voice) Birdperson / Wedding Singer / Screaming Sun (voice) Birdperson / Ice-T (voice) 28 Episodes
Maurice LaMarche
Additional Voices (voice) King of the Sun (voice) Scary Teacher / Dog Accountant (voice) S.W.A.T. Officer / Johnny Carson (voice) Brad Anderson / Adult Morty Jr. (voice) Roy's Teacher / Gromflamite Fed (voice) Eyeholes Announcer (voice) Gordon Lunas (voice) Crocubot (voice) Abradolf Lincoler (voice) Abradolph Lincler (voice) Federation President / Gromflomite Engineer / Additional Voices (voice) Alien / Waiter (voice) Rhett Caan (voice) Miniverse Mayor (voice) Ship Captain / Abradolph Lincler (voice) Alien 2 / Paramedic (voice) Adviser / Rabbi (voice) News Reporter / Froopyland Creature (voice) Hephaestus (voice) 27 Episodes
Tom Kenny
Additional Voices (voice) Squanchy (voice) Shadow Jacker (voice) Gene (voice) Million Ants (voice) Mr. Stringbean (voice) Tour Guide (voice) Nazi / Pencilvester (voice) Bad Cop / Mr. Jellybean (voice) Pawnshop Clerk (voice) Tour Guide / Squanchy (voice) Gear Newscaster / Gear Police Officer (voice) Squanchy / Bartender / Customs Gromflomite (voice) Hunter (voice) Conroy / Federation Admiral / Additional Voices (voice) Shnoopy Bloopers / Call Centre Alien #1 / Gene (voice) Pizza 1 / Phone 1 / Chair 1 (voice) Jon Arbuckle (voice) 24 Episodes
Brandon Johnson
Mr. Goldenfold (voice) Additional Voices (voice) Mr. Goldenfold / Handsome Black Man (voice) Mr. Goldenfold / Black Mailman (voice) Mr. Goldenfold / Federation Personnel (voice) Mr. Goldenfold / Student (voice) 20 Episodes
Ryan Ridley
Additional Voices (voice) Roy's Doctor (voice) Lighthouse Chief (voice) Frank Palicky / Tom (voice) Cousin Nicky (voice) Trunkman / Bachelor (voice) Alien / Student 1 (voice) Alien Waiter / Assassin / Customs Alien / Call Centre Alien #2 (voice) Pizza 2 / Phone 2 / Chair 2 / Chair Waiter (voice) Concerto (voice) Slave Owner (voice) Giant Lawyer / Peasant 2 (voice) Head Vampire (voice) 17 Episodes