When the Flash finds himself dropped into the middle of World War II, he joins forces with Wonder Woman and her top-secret team known as the Justice Society of America.


Stana Katic
Wonder Woman / Diana Prince (voice)
Matt Bomer
The Flash / Barry Allen (voice)
Chris Diamantopoulos
Steve Trevor (voice)
Darren Criss
Superman / Clark Kent (voice)
Elysia Rotaru
Black Canary (voice)
Omid Abtahi
Hawkman (voice)
Armen Taylor
Jay Garrick / Flash (voice)
Matthew Mercer
Hourman (voice)
Liam McIntyre
Aquaman (voice)
Geoffrey Arend
Advisor (voice) / Charles Halstead (voice)
Darin De Paul
Brainiac (voice) / Roosevelt (voice)
Ashleigh LaThrop
Iris West (voice)
Keith Ferguson
Dr. Fate (voice)