Miracle Dogs

Adapted from the popular book "Annie Loses Her Leg but Finds Her Way," Josh Hutcherson ("The Hunger Games") stars as a boy who tries to find homes for dogs that have magical healing abilities. source

Monster – Full Movie

Based on the life of Aileen Wuornos, a Daytona Beach prostitute who became a serial killer. Starring Charlize Theron in her Academy Award winning role as Wuornos and Christina Ricci. #freemovies #fullmovies #charlizetheron #awardwinner source

Dying Laughing

Featuring the world’s greatest stand-up comedians, DYING LAUGHING is a candid and heartfelt look inside the agony and ecstasy of making people laugh for a living. source


James is a British agent and Danny is a scientist working on a deep-sea diving project. A wild love affair develops even though their jobs, and their individual dangerous missions, are destined to separate them....

The Contract – Full Movie

A father (John Cusack) and his son attempt to bring in an assassin (Morgan Freeman) to the authorities, but his dangerous associates have other plans. #freemovies #fullmovies #action #thriller source

K Missing Kings

Ever since the School Island Incident, in which the four Kings were involved, the Silver Clansman, Kuroh Yatogami and Neko were on their search for their master Shiro. Unable to find any leads to Shiro,...
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