Explore the exciting world of entertainment this week with a mix of theatrical releases and captivating OTT content.

Theatrical Releases:

1. Aadikeshava (Telugu film) – November 24

Immerse yourself in the action-packed drama of Aadikeshava, a must-watch Telugu film hitting theaters on November 24.

2. Kota Bommali PS (Telugu film) – November 24

Experience the magic of Kota Bommali PS, another Telugu gem gracing the cinemas on November 24.

3. Dhruva Nakshathram (Tamil film – Telugu dub) – November 24

Witness the cinematic brilliance as Dhruva Nakshathram takes you on a thrilling journey, releasing in Tamil (Telugu dub) on November 24.

4. Farrey (Hindi film) – November 24

Delve into the world of emotions and storytelling with Farrey, a captivating Hindi film hitting theaters on November 24.

OTT Releases:


– Leo (Tamil film – Other languages dub) – November 24

Unleash the magic of Leo, a Tamil film with multi-language dubs, exclusively on Netflix starting November 24.

Amazon Prime Video:

– Chatrapathi (Hindi film) – November 21

Already released on November 21, don’t miss the gripping Hindi film Chatrapathi, available now on Amazon Prime Video.

– The Village (Tamil web series) – November 24

Embark on a journey with The Village, an intriguing Tamil web series, premiering on Amazon Prime Video on November 24.


– Unstoppable With NBK: Animal team special episode (Telugu talk show) – November 24

Join the excitement with the special episode of Unstoppable With NBK on Aha, a dynamic Telugu talk show airing on November 24.

Stay entertained with this diverse lineup, whether you prefer the big screen experience or the comfort of your favorite OTT platform!


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