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The Disney Parks are often cited as the most magical places on earth, and they’ve been an enormous fountain of joy since Walt first opened the gates, but can they have even more benefits? Walt Disney World has been linked to some positive mental heath effects, but one couple states it might go even further than that.

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Proposals, weddings, and other celebrations are quite popular at Walt Disney World. After all, plenty of romantic places and venues exist in and out of the Parks. However, Disney might also have some magic to spare for those already well into their partnerships.

Disney and Mental Health

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Many Disney Park Guests have claimed Disney has a healing quality for their mental health. There’s always something magical and marvelous about getting away and escaping to a world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy. Disney is so separated from any place else on earth that some fans have even uprooted themselves to move closer to the Magic.

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While no amount of Disney will ever take the place of actual therapy and mental health aid, that doesn’t mean the theory is completely without merit. Being able to escape to the Disney Parks on a regular basis definitely has its perks, but can it help more than mental health alone?

Disney World Saves Couple’s Marriage

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Nashville couple, Holly and Cody Cole, recently gave an interview to Business Insider, and they shared their experience with how much Disney has aided and effected their family, mental health, and marriage.

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The wife told Insider,

“We just wanted to leave Tennessee, but this is always where I wanted to end up… We’ve been here almost four months now and get to visit Disney around three times a week and we absolutely love it.”

According to the interview, the wife stated how much moving closer to the Parks was a huge aid in relieving depression. The report reads,

“The Navy veteran has a leg injury and says walking around the resort helps with her mobility as well as dealing with anxiety and depression. Now that she’s no longer serving in the navy she said she can visit the resort any day of the week.”

While moving closer to the Parks and investing in a regular pass has certainly provided joy for this family, is it really as magical as it seems? Not everyone can afford to go to Disney on a regular basis, but there might be a bigger element at play in terms of Disney’s mental and marital benefits.

Come With Me and Escape

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What we’re really seeing here isn’t just access to Walt Disney World, but better and more regular access to the Disney Bubble. Whether in Florida or in California, Disney always goes to great lengths to pull Guests away from the outside world and into their magical realm. Environmental manipulation is a powerful tool, and Disney’s sensory sorcery truly has some impressive effects.

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The truth of the matter is Disney might not be able to instantly repair your mental health or your marriage, but being more present and opening yourself up to time with your loved ones can have tremendous benefits for mental and emotional stability. It’s great that the couple are enjoying the benefits from this experience, but Disney only deserves partial credit.

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