As they attempt to secure the deal, Google’s YouTube TV has been stepping up its efforts to include NFL Sunday Ticket on their sports offerings. NFL weighs out several streaming services to choose a media partner for the rights of NFL Sunday Ticket, which has been part of DIRECTV, as it finds a new home this 2023. And as of the moment, YouTube TV might take it. 


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The NFL logo is seen on a football packaging in Los Angeles on August 24, 2020. – A rash of COVID-19 results that forced multiple NFL teams to adjust their weekend training plans were false positives due to “isolated contamination during test preparation,” the lab responsible said August 24, 2020.

NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV?

Several streaming services have been eyeing the rights for NFL Sunday Ticket since the football league announced its finding a new home in 2023.

As 9To5Google reported, Apple TV+ has been in the talks for being the streaming service that might secure this deal. However, the two parties have not decided anything yet and the waiting game is not making a progress. 

This makes YouTube TV the new frontrunner, which is not surprising as it stepped up its efforts to secure the deal. Disney’s ESPN is also on the roster and considered a strong contender for obtaining the rights and Amazon is also reportedly interested in the bidding. 

Pulling Back Its Efforts

According to New York Times, the negotiations for the Sunday Ticket have been closely watched by several analysts and executives as live sports are considered as one the last surviving services that keep traditional television alive.

Whoever wins the bidding, how much will the deal cost, or how will its structure, it will surely affect the whole industry of sports, media, and other technology industries. 

Despite being considered the frontrunner among its competitors, Apple TV+ is pulling back its efforts, according to the same report, because of the included bundles that NFL has been pushing.

Aside from this, an executive confirmed that both parties are used to getting their way when it comes to negotiations, which might be the reason for both of them to not being on board. 

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The decision is not final yet on Apple backing out to the deal, as 9To5Mac reported. But Google’s YouTubeTV will surely become the alternative frontrunner to secure this acquisition.

The Sunday Ticket deal is expected to be worth $2.5 billion – $3 billion annually. DIRECTV has been its home for a long time and it is reported that it will not be renewing its license due to high costs. Based on the reported deal, only large streaming sites or tech giants can afford to pay knowing that a lot of companies are experiencing economic challenges.   

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