New Delhi. People often talk about living and dying together in love, but its hallmark was seen in Nagaon district of Assam, where a young man married his dead girlfriend. The young man and the girl were in a relationship but the girl was ill for a long time. After the death of his girlfriend, the man garlanded her dead body. This incident is becoming very viral on social media. Prarthana Bora, a resident of Raha in Nagaon district, died on Friday due to illness.

Photo went viral on social media
Bitupan Tamuli filled vermilion in the prayer room of his dead girlfriend Prarthana Bora. The picture of this incident is becoming fiercely viral on social media. People got emotional seeing this picture. On November 18, Prarthana was admitted to the hospital. Such love is not usually seen in real life, it happens only in films. Bitupan Tamuli set a very emotional example of love by getting married on her funeral pyre.

Vermilion filled in the demand of deceased girlfriend
Prarthana was a resident of Nagaon and was suffering from an incurable disease for a long time. Both were planning for marriage in the coming days. According to media reports, Bitupan has vowed never to marry. The families of both knew about the relationship between Prarthana and Bitupan. Both were also happy with this relationship. Bitupan did not leave his girlfriend’s dream incomplete. Bitupan applied vermilion on Prarthana’s forehead and garlanded her dead body.

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