There have been issues with Apple TV 4K regarding HBO Max. Users have been getting the “can’t play title” errors as they try to stream shows and movies.

According to reports, the issue is specific to Apple TV devices running on tvOS 16.1, paired with the latest HBO Max version, 42.50.1. Some can circumvent the error by force quitting the app, reinstalling it, logging out, or restarting the TV. However, it’s a different case for other users. 

Is HBO Fixing This?

Chris Willard, HBO’s SVP of Communications, said that they were aware of the problem and that they were resolving it. Their development team is currently investigating what’s causing the issue, and to keep an eye out for updates that will fix the problem. If you’re experiencing this, you may try and troubleshoot, as this worked for some.

One of the solutions proposed by HBO was turning off the HDR support on the TV. You have to access Settings from the Apple TV Home Screen, then go to Video and Audio. Following that, change your Format to SDR and set Match Content to Disable. You should also turn off the Match Dynamic Range and Match Frame Rate. Simple enough, right?

There are cases where the issue appeared sporadically, but some experienced it every time. A user that followed the proposed solution managed to lessen the problem, going from always getting the title error to just sometimes. Customer support also suggested a simpler solution, which is to go from 1080p to 720p, which would affect output quality greatly.

Fingers Crossed

Let’s hope that the issue will be fixed soon since a lot of new titles will be arriving at HBO Max. Of course, people would want to watch it with the best quality that their TV can offer. Also, holidays are coming, and it’s the time when the family would gather around and watch a movie or two. Speaking of, here are some titles that will be coming to HBO Max this December 2022, according to Screen Rant.

  • “10,000 B.C.” (2008)

  • “Black Sheep” (1996)

  • “First Reformed” (2017)

  • “Gossip Girl,” Max Original (Season 2 Premiere)

  • “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa” (2008)

  • “Gone Girl” (2014)

  • “A Hollywood Christmas” (2022)

  • “Hook” (1991)

  • “Into the Forest” (2015)

  • “The Maze Runner” (2014)

  • “Redemption” (2013)

  • “The Sea of Trees” (2015)

  • “Sesame Street’s Nutcracker,” Max Original (Special Premiere)

  • “Small Town Crime” (2017)

  • “The Tomorrow Man” (2019)

  • “Amsterdam” (2022)

  • “Doom Patrol,” Max Original (Season 4 Premiere)

  • “South Side,” Max Original (Season 3 Premiere)

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Apple TV 4K 2021

On another note, Apple TV 4K just went on sale. A little hiccup with HBO Max shouldn’t prevent you from purchasing with the deal, since you can also stream on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

Yes, the HDR setting may prevent you from viewing titles on HBO Max for now, but once it’s fixed, you can enjoy your 4K High Frame Rate with Dolby Vision.

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