While Beckett Dollard’s friends snacked on goldfish crackers, swung from the monkey bars at recess and practiced simple sight words in the classroom, the East Greenbush boy enjoyed a daily spread on a movie set, courtesy of craft services, and stepped into character when the producers yelled “action.” His schoolwork was done with an on-set teacher alongside one other student. 

Dollard plays Jake in Netflix’s “The Noel Diary,” released on the streaming platform on Thanksgiving day. In the film, novelist Jacob Turner meets a woman searching for her birth mother. Will an old diary unlock their pasts — and hearts, asks the teaser?

Turner is played by Justin Hartley, from “This is Us.” Dollard plays a young Turner in the many flashback scenes.

The East Greenbush first-grader has modeled since he was a toddler, appearing in ads for well-known brands such as GAP Kids, Target, Puma, Jordan, OXO Tot, Huggies and Crayola, but this was his first film.

“It’s huge,” says his mom, Natalie Dollard of her son who was 4 and about to graduate pre-K when he filmed the movie. He’s now 6. “Toddlers have a tendency to be a bit unpredictable and children under 6 have very limited work hours, so there are very few opportunities out there like this one to begin with.”

While being on set is, of course, work, it doesn’t feel like that to Beckett. He runs around, plays with the other child actors and takes classes. For him, it’s all fun — and he doesn’t fully grasp why his life outside of school is, in some ways, different from his classmates. 

He recently came home from school and said “Mom, did you know I’m famous? A third grader told me,” recalls Natalie Dollard. He followed that up by asking what “famous” means.  

Beckett’s entertainment career started with the encouragement of a friend. 

People constantly told the Dollards their son was cute. Natalie and her husband agreed, naturally (“everyone thinks their own baby is the cutest one ever, right,” she asks.)

Even when strangers were commenting on Beckett’s good looks, Natalie says she figured people were simply offering those compliments to be nice. 

It wasn’t until the first couple of times the family had pictures taken by local photographers that they realized while most toddlers clam up (or downright refuse to participate) in front of a camera, Beckett was in his element. He was engaged and excited, rather than timid or shy. He wasn’t cranky, even when he was tired and he didn’t need to warm up in new situations. 

“He awas one of those unicorn toddlers that was always happy,” says his mom. “I think he was making up for those first three months when he cried 24 hours a day.”  

After seeing the photos from the family shoot, a friend from college reached out to the Dollards. She said Beckett should try modeling and gave Natalie Dollard the name of an agent.  

“I thought she was crazy, but we decided to send them an email with a few pictures, figuring we would never hear back and would just carry on with preschool and play dates,” Natalie Dollard says. “The agency responded that they were interested in representing him less than 24 hours later.”

The Dollards soon received an email with information about Beckett’s first “go-see” with a client. He ended up booking that job at 2-and-a-half and he’s been busy ever since.

This movie, though, was the best gig yet. 

“Meeting my best friend, Baylen. He’s my movie brother.  We got to have fun, play games and go to school together,” says Beckett excitedly. “We had our very own set teacher. Oh, and crafty. They have the BEST snacks. It was the most fun ever, except having to wear so much itchy warm clothes in summer.” 

Despite “working” at a young age, he’s a regular kid who loves school (his favorite subject is math), friends and family. He takes Taekwondo and hopes to one day be a black belt. 

“I am really lucky to be an actor and model. I have to work hard and focus but it’s also a lot of fun,” Beckett Dollard says. “I meet new best friends all the time and we get to play together when it’s not our turn. And I always get to buy myself a new toy or Robux after the shoot.”  





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